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BAHCS 2017 Programme


Jan 18th 2017

Professor Robert Arnott


Green Templeton College, University of Oxford


Greece and India before Alexander the Great

Feb 22th


Paul Skinner


Lead Curator, Philatelic Collections; The British Library


The Conditions and Development of Postal Routes to andfrom Cyprus

March 22nd 2017

Tim Vyner


Senior Lecturer, Illustration

School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University


An Artist's Experience of Life on Mount Athos

April 26th 2017

The "Alf and Aglaia Hill" Charity Lecture

Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith KCVO


Patron of BAHCS and former Ambassador to Greece


Patrick Leigh Fermor and Friends

May 14th 2017

Professor Richard Buxton


Emeritus Professor, University of Bristol


Cyclops: Aspects of an Ogre

June 21st  2017.

Dr Jonathan Musgrave


Senior Research Fellow; Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy; University of Bristol


Fifty Years a Bone Man in Ancient Greece


The Bristol Blackwell Lectures will not go forward into 2017





BAHCS 2016 Programme


Jan 20th  2016

Dr Serafina Cuomo

Department of History, Classics and Archaeology Birkbeck College, University of London

Numeracy in ancient Greece and Rome

Feb 17th 2016

Dr Lyndsay Coo

Department of Classics & Ancient History University of Bristol

The Trojan War in the lost plays of Sophocles


March 16th  2016

Dr Achilleas Hadjikyriacou

Cultural Counsellor, Cyprus High Commission, London

Masculinities and the Challenges of a New Age: A Gender approach to the Greek Cinema of the 1950s and 1960s

April 20th , 2016

Dr Shaun Tougher

School of History, Archaeology and Religion University of Cardiff

Family and Power in Medieval Byzantium: The Macedonian Dynasty (867-1056)

May 18th  2016

The "Alf and Aglaia Hill" Charity Lecture

Dr Tassos Papacostas

King’s College, University of London

Where Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance Architecture crossed paths: Cyprus under Latin rule

June 15th   2016.

Professor Tim Webb

 Department of English, University of Bristol

"Infinitely Comical": Shelley italianizes the Homeric Hymn to Mercury



The 2016 Bristol Blackwell Lectures in Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition


Oct 19th 2016.

Imogen Grundon


The Rash Adventurer: A Life of John Pendlebury

Nov 23rd   2016

BAHCS 2016 Annual General Meeting 7:30 -8:00pm


Dr Colin Macdonald

PM Warren Visiting Professor in Aegean Archaeology

University of Bristol


Destructions as Agents of Change and Development in the

Palace of Minos at Knossos









BAHCS 2015 Programme


Jan 21st  2015

Dr Laura Mayer

Garden Historian, University of Buckingham

From Orient to Antique: Rebuilding Athens in Eighteenth-century Staffordshire

Feb 18th 2015


Professor Costas Georghiou

University of Wolverhampton

British Colonial Architecture in Cyprus 1878-1960

March 18th  2015

Professor Metaxia Tsipopoulou

P.M. Warren Visiting Professor

University of Bristol

Asserting Identities in Death - The Pre- and Proto-palatial (3000-1800BC) House Tomb Cemetery at Petras, Sitia, Crete

April 22nd 2015

Andrew Robinson

The Man Who Deciphered Linear B - The Story of Michael Ventris

May 20th  2015

Professor Veronica della Dora

Royal Holloway University of London

A Russian Pilgrim on the Holy Mountain - Vasilij Grigorovich Barskij’s Journeys to Mt Athos (1725-1745)

June 17th  2015.

The "Alf and Aglaia Hill" Charity Lecture

Professor Armand D'Angour

Jesus College, Oxford

Discovering the Sounds of Ancient Greek Music



Oct 21st 2015.

Dr Polina Tambakaki

 King’s College, University of London

Thucydides in Twentieth Century Literature: The Case of George Seferis

Nov 18th 2015

BAHCS 2015 Annual General Meeting +

Dr Damian Robinson

Director, Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology University of Oxford 

Shipwrecks and Sunken Cities: The work of the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology in Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt









BAHCS 2014 Programme

Oct 15th  2014.

Dr Klearchos A Kyriakides,

School of Law, Univ of Hertfordshire

100 Not Out!

The British Annexation Of Cyprus November 1914

Nov 19th  2014

BAHCS 2013 Annual General Meeting +

 Dr Jenny March

Dangerous Women (in Ancient Greece)

Jan  2014

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Feb 2014


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Jan. 16th. 2013


Mrs Lillian Delevoryas

St. Gregory of Nyssa's  'Contemplation on the Life of Moses':

 A Painter’s Viewpoint


Feb 20th


Stephen Duckworth  

Edward Lear and his Cretan Drawings


March 20th


Professor Marisa E Marthari,

PM Warren Visiting Professor in Aegean Prehistory, Bristol University.

Excavating A late Cycladic I Villa with Frescoes At Raos on Thera.


April 17th




Dr Othon Anastasakis

Director, South European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX)
St Antony's College, University of Oxford

Current Political and Social Situation in Greece


April 30,

 May 1,7,8


The 2013 Bristol Blackwell Lectures in Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition

Professor Mark Vessey, University of British Columbia
"Writing before Literature: Later Latin Scriptures and the Memory of Rome"


May. 15th


Dr Jessica Priestley,  University of Bristol

Herodotus: The Unauthorised Biographies.


Jun 12th 



The "Alf and Aglaia Hill" Charity Lecture

Professor Edith Hall, King's College, London.

Greek Tragedy and the Black Sea.


October 16th

Professor John Morgan,

University of Swansea

The Philogelos, an Ancient Book of Greek Jokes

Nov 13th 2013

Dr Cressida Ryan

Outreach Officer Merton College

Keeping Greek Alive

(Postponed: Robin Amis Views from Mount Athos)







Jan. 18th. 2012

Elizabeth Warren.  University Of Bristol

An habitation of dragons-the rock cut churches of Cappadocia


Feb 22nd

Judith Affleck.

Greek Boys.


March 21st.

 Ken Wood.

Homer's Secret Odyssey or  Homer, Master of Time.


April 18th.

Jim Jones.

Sabrina: The Roman Occupation of Severnside


May 10th

Society 25th Anniversary Dinner

At Manor Hall, Lower Clifton Hill

Guest Speaker Sir Jeremy Morse


May. 16th.

Dr  Ioanna Sitaridou  Queens College Cambridge)

In search of the Last Greek infinitive -- A Story of Survival in the Hinterland of Trebizand.


Jun 20th. 

 Ian Knowles

Elias Icon, Cheltenham

Origins of Iconography, Clues from the Holy Land.


Oct 17th.

Mr Antonis Katepodis

Counsellor For Economic Affairs: Greek Embassy London

Greece and The Financial Crisis

What we have done so far and what we may expect in the future


Nov. 14th


Mr Andrew Thornhill

Some Favourite Greek Authors


 Dec. 8th 2012

'Constitutionalism Ancient, Modern, and American'.

Professor Paul Rahe, Hillsdale College, Michigan

Aegis of Institute of Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition, Bristol University





Jan. 19th. 2011

Dr.Llewelyn Morgan.   BNC. Oxford.

What takes a classicist to Afghanistan?


Feb 16th

Professor Helen King.   Reading Univ.

Fear of Flute Girls - a Hippocratic Case History and It's Meaning


March 16th.

Ms. Jennifer Woodley.   Filton College

Philhellenism or Fraud - The classical tradition in Rome"


April 13th.

Dr Doug Robinson. Bristol Univ. (retd)

The Geology of Naxos -200 million years of Greek History


May. 18th.

Alf & Aglaia Hill Charity Lecture

Prof Ken Dowden.  Birmingham Univ.

Can We Believe In Greek Mythology?


Jun 15th. 

James Morewood.   Wadham Oxford

Glad to be A(sexual): Sex and Gender in Euripides' Hippolytus


Oct. 19th.

Prof. Eleanor Dickey.   Exeter Univ.

Learning Greek In The Roman Empire - New Discoveries About Ancient Textbooks


Nov. 16th.


Dr. Philomen Probert.   Wolfson Oxford.

Introduction To Linear B




January 13 2010


Professor Stephen Bann.   University of Bristol

 "Little Sparta:

Ian Hamilton Finlay’s garden of neo-classical re-armament"


February 10

Prof. Peter Mackridge.

Oxford University

“Why was there a language controversy in Greece?"


March 17

"Alf & Aglaia Hill" Charity Lecture.

Brenda Stones on Behalf of Gerry Brisch

Editor for Archaeopress of Christopher Wordsworth, Athens and Attica 

“On tour with Christopher Wordsworth in Greece 1832/33.”


April 21

Dr. Matthew Nicholls.

University of Reading

"The development of public libraries in classical times"


May 19

Dr. Steven Morewood.

University of Birmingham

“The Eden-Dill Mission & the Fall of Greece, or

British Intervention in Greece in 1915. On the horns of a dilemma!”


June 16

David Mason.

University of Winchester

“Location, Location, Location.

The site of the Treasury Of Atreus at Mycenae”


October 13

Dr. Emma Aston

University Of Reading

"Friends in high places: hospitality and ancient Thessaly"


November 17

Prof Malcolm Heath.

University of Leeds.

“Aristotle and the Biology of Music.”





January 14

Professor Vivian Nutton.

University College London.

From Windbag to World Author: A Hundred Years of Galen.


February 11

Professor James Pettifer.

United Kingdom Defence Academy.

Greece and the Contemporary Balkans: Opportunities and Problems.


March 18

Alf & Aglaia Hill Charity Lecture.

Christopher Somerville.

The Golden Step - A walk through the heart of Crete.


April 22

Professor Timothy Webb

Department of English, University of Bristol.

The Double Life of Childe Harold: Byron's Philhellenic Message in the Annotation.


May 13

Dr Ruth Macrides.

University of Birmingham.

Ceremonies and the City of Constantinople.


June 17

Dr T E Rihll.

University of Swansea.

Ancient Engineering: Simply Brilliant or Brilliantly Simple.


October 14

Prof. Marc Lauxtermann.

University of Oxford.

Byzantine Poetry and the Classical Tradition.


November 18

Bettany Hughes.

Helen of Troy; Goddess, Princess, Whore.





January 16th


Spiridian Azzopardi

Journey To Mount Athos


February 13th

Kyriaki Giaxoglou

King’s College London

Maniat Laments in Death Rituals


March 19th


Professor RA Seaford

University Of Exeter

The Invention of Money by the Ancient Greeks:  And the Consequences!


April 16th

Professor Mike Edmunds

Cardiff University

Decoding the Ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism



Visit To be arranged

Visit To be arranged


May 21st 

Alf & Aglaia Hill Charity Lecture

Dr Euridice Georgantelli

University Of Birmingham


 Royal Encounters: Marriages, Coinage and Politics in the Byzantine World.


June 18th

Dr Nicoletta Momigliano

University Of Bristol

No Sex Pleas We’re Minoan


Oct 15th

Prof Elizabeth Jefferies

University Of Oxford

Homer in Byzantium


Nov 19th

Society AGM Meeting

Christopher Somerville


The Golden Step –A Walk Through The Heart Of Crete





January 17th



Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith.

Diplomat and Author

Eleftherios Venizelos – and his Times


February 14th


Dr Aidan Dodson,

Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol.

The Graeco-Egyptian World of the Dead


March 14th


Mr Tony Wood,

British Sundial Society.

Greek Sundials – and thereafter


April 21st Saturday

Eurydice ( Vicky) Georganteli

Barber Institute

Visit To Barber Institute Birmingham

Travel and Money in the Byzantine World


April 25th

The Alf & Aglaia Hill Lecture

Dr K Doulamis,

University College, Cork.

Classical Motifs and Aesthetic Communications in George Moore’s Aphrodite in Aulis


May 16th

Tim Duff,

University of Reading.

Childhood and Education in Ancient Greek Biography


June 13th

Professor Nicholas Pickwoad,

Book Conservator, Camberwell College of Arts.

Preserving the oldest library in Christendom: the Saint Catherine's Monastery Library Project on Mount Sinai


Oct 17th

Maria Pretzler,

University of Swansea.


Discovering Greece with Pausanias


Nov 14th


Dr Holley Martlew & Dr Vic Garner,

"From Bronze Age to Space Age"

Archaeology meets science in the Minoan-Mycenaean World